Where to Store a Bike Within an Apartment

The dimensions and design of your flat will probably determine where and how much distance you are going to need to keep a bicycle. Motorcycle storage can be tricky to see if your leasing house has restricted space.

Possessing more than 1 bicycle could be problematic for tenants without some sort of advanced storage solution. With that said, we have compiled a list that will assist you uncover bicycle storage chances in the Conseils premier appartement, in addition to the best varieties of bicycle racks necessary to maximize your distance.

Motorcycle Storage Rooms On Your Apartment

Coat Closet

Storage area is sacred to tenants, which explains the reason you might be asking yourself how a coat cupboard can be an area of recommendation for bicycle storage.

Wella coat cupboard makes a superb spot to store a bicycle due to the easy availability of it. Coat closets are usually the closest rooms to the front entrance, which makes it effortless for tenants to catch and put their bicycle.

To make the most of the area indoors, look at moving your thick winter jackets into your bedroom cupboard and substituting them with mild sweaters and blouses from the coat closet. Coats are inclined to be lengthy and will make it even more challenging to receive your bicycle if you require it. Since sweaters and blouses are shorter in length, it is going to make getting your bicycle so much easier.

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Porch or Balcony

Does your apartment house have a balcony or porch? You can store your bicycle there.

You might wish to consider putting a lock on it so nobody takes it, particularly if you’re living in a garden level flat or single-family house. Protect your bicycle from weather damage by covering it with a towel or buying a bicycle cover.

Should you store your bicycle on the porch or balcony, then make certain it is not blocking the doorway. It is a fire hazard and a significant no-no on your rental agreement. Check your lease to find out whether there are some regulations contrary to keeping your bicycle on the balcony or porch ahead.

Laundry Room

In case you have sufficient wall space, then you might easily save your bicycle in the laundry area . Floors are usually made from hard-surface materials such as wood or tile, making cleaning up scuff marks and dirt out of the bicycle a whole lot simpler than on carpeting.


A no-brainer for certain, but let us go ahead and cite it. If you are among the lucky ones to have a garage, then keeping your bicycle there’s the most perfect location. It is entirely out of your flat, and you won’t actually need to worry about monitoring in dirt.

Bike Racks for Apartment Dwellers

Bike Stand

A bicycle stand is a great bicycle leasing solution for a flat dweller. It leans against the wall therefore that it does not require drilling. The rack can hold up to four bicycles, so it is ideal for roommates who bicycle to work or school, or a household that bicycles together on weekends.

Where you prepare the bicycle stand things; it requires quite a lot of wall area due to the width of these bicycles. Decide on a bare wall near the front door to set your stand . Double paned bicycles can clean out a lot of distance, giving you more space for different items which are important for you.

Wall Bicycle Rack

The same as a bicycle stand, a wall bicycle rack really can open up room in your house. The bicycle is set on the stand by the wheels. A wall closest to the entrance door is perfect, but it is entirely your choice.

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To hang this particular rack, you’ll have to drill into a wall stud. Check with your landlord and examine your rental agreement concerning this type of improvement to the leasing.

Wall Hanger

Wall-mounted bicycle hangers provide tenants with the extra floor space they want. Wall hangers typically levitate the bike by the top tube, as opposed to from the wheels such as the bicycle rack does.

The hanger arms are flexible to accommodate to the bicycle’s size and also to offer enough distance between the bicycle and the walls. Drilling must install a wall hanger check your flat contract so that you’re not in breach of your rental.

Bike Column

A tension-mounted bicycle column will help free up your wall area. You will fit 1 end of this column into the ceiling and the other end into the ground. There is no need for drilling or screws; you just adjust the pressure to guarantee the column set up.

A bicycle column can match two cycles and is readily moveable. The support arms can be adjusted to match different bicycle frames easily.

Innovative solutions do exist for bicycle storage from the leasing planet — you just need to know where to search. Biking is excellent exercise and at times more suitable for travel than automobiles or public transportation.

When you bicycle, know about the weather conditions. Riding your bicycle in harsh weather can monitor in sand and dirt in your property. Should you get dirt around the flooring or walls, then below are a few cleaning hints to get the dirt out!