Why Hire a Property Management Company?

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For a Property Management Company in Lawrenceville Georgia, I understand question several times a week and often times once a day. After being unfaithful years of offering property management services, I believe property managers give several key benefits.

why hire a property manager

First on the list would have to be time economizing. There is a lot that goes into finding a resident and getting home rented out. Just to name a few, getting a home purchase ready, marketing the home on all of the online sites, showing your house, checking background, credit, and references of applicant, completing lease agreements, performing Move-Inspections, handling maintenance request, preparation repairs, collecting rental payments, and performing safety and property preservation inspections.

Next on the list would have to be intermittent property preservation inspections. The home can be your most expensive asset. A little bit neglected maintenance can turn into a major repair quickly. Miss to clean the gutters and the $65 gutter cleaning will turn into a $5, 000 repair due to replacing a 15 base section of wall studs and exterior siding. I just oversaw a repair $15, 000. An overlooked crack with shower grout will can turn into a $3, 000 completely new bathroom floor. This list could go on for days.

Take a look at not forget liability. Lawsuits against rental property management companies is absolutely not a rare occurrence. Happens all the time. I once received a new call from an individual who was seeking $5, 000 settlement in hospital bills. Apparently, he slipped on many ice in our parking lot and broke both his ankles. In the end, come to find out, he had been drinking all night while visiting one of our residents and fell down whilst running and sliding on the ice at 4: 00 am. When you hire a licensed and insured property manager, you actually buffer yourself from most liability.

Hiring a property managing company should not be an expense. Most management companies have in house maintenance and repair people who can perform work less than you could hire someone. Our company has negotiated prices with our building contractors that are far less than you would pay. This is not uncommon. That savings alone typically pays for the management fee finally.

Last but not least. You can keep your sanity. This is not an easy business as well as dealing with a repair issue on Friday afternoon can be complete aggravating. It’s 30 degrees outside and a call offered for a HVAC system that is not working on Friday morning. Whether it is not fixed by that afternoon, the cost will go right up 50% if it has to be fixed on the weekend. You can’t be expecting the resident to go to long without heat. The evaluate won’t either.